PureFiber PRO - Entertainment Fiber Cable Setup

Thank you for purchasing the PRO Entertainment Fiber Optic Cable
The ONE Cable Does It All solution

Please follow these quick videos for a correct perfect installation.

1) How to Remove the Braided Sleeve protection Mesh Example

Important please:

  • The HDMI PLUG marked SOURCE goes to your Video SOURCE HDMI OUTPUT
    (AV receiver / Apple TV / Roku / Cable Box / PS5 / any HDMI source..)
    And connects to the main cable Fiber connector #1

  • The HDMI PLUG marked DISPLAY goes to your TV or PROJECTOR HDMI INPUT
    And connects to the main cable Fiber connector #1 on the other side of the cable

  • The USB-C on both Source/Display terminations MUST be connected to the USB-C females on the main cable
    Both USB-C on cable and HDMI terminations have a SIDE ARROW on a sticker or molded on the plastic of the USB-C connectors.
    Please make sure the USB-C SIDE ARROWS on both HDMI terminations and main cable face the same side.
    If these are inverted, the HDMI will not work.
    Please watch the video here below for quick simple instruction

  • The Cable is Bi-Directional you can invert the HDMI terminations as you need

Main HDMI Connection

And other connections

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your cable has a female USB-C there is no need for the USB-C coupler.

PRO CABLE - All Applications Example Video

SKIP Between Arguments using the 3 LINES CHAPTERS MENU

Additional Troubleshooting

If by following the above videos you still experience any problem, please check this PDF and send us more information as instructed on the PDF so we can help you urgently.

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