plug and play

from lag to ... lightspeed

long distance

PureFiber is capable to deliver 8k over very long distance, uncompressed and without lag, in perfect synch.

why fiber


10 Gbps

Cannot Pass 4k@60

Compression is required
Loss of quality
Echo chamber effect
Never in Synch
Configuration required
Limited distance


1200 Gbps

Impeccable 4K@120
Perfect quality 8k@60
Zero lag
Zero delay , perfect synch
No tools required
Snap-on facilitated installation
Long distance

There is no catch

zero lag uncompressed

Fibercommand extender baluns over fiber are real-time . Perfect for Commercial installation, Events, Church, Sport-bar, and School.
8k@60 zero-configuration, no tools required

snap & play

zero configuration

it is plug and play, does not require configuration, and does not require any tool. Snap-On patented connection.