plug and play

from lag to ... lightspeed

why fiber


10 Gbps

Cannot Pass 4k@12

Compression is required
Loss of quality
Echo chamber effect
Never in Synch
Non reliable
Configuration required


1200 Gbps

Impeccable 4K@12
Perfect quality 8k@60
Zero lag
Zero delay , perfect synch
No tools required
Snap-on facilitated installation

watch video

There is no catch

zero lag uncompressed

Fibercommand extender baluns over fiber are real-time . Perfect for Commercial installation, Events, Church, Sport-bar, and School.
8k@60 zero-configuration, no tools required


zero configuration

it is plug and play, does not require configuration, and does not require any tool. Snap-On patented connection.

zero configuration

Snap-and-Play Extenders Over Fiber

PureFiber products simplify the installation by allowing you to
pull just one fiber cable and snap-on the HDMI fiber extender ends. Ready-to-use does not require fiber optic knowledge.
Higher in quality and technology as well as more affordable
and durable.