PureFiber® ULTRA | Fiberoptisk kabel forhåndsterminert med MPO

PureFiber® ULTRA | Fiberoptisk kabel forhåndsterminert med MPO

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1,2 TERABIT båndbredde, uovertruffen signalintegritet, ULTRAFLEX®

  • OM3  / MPO avsluttet Kvinne-Kvinne /Type A
  • 12-tråds (12 fiberoptikk)
  • 1.2 TERABIT
  • Kevlar Anti-Stretch Protection (for lett å trekke)
    • In-Wall / LSZH (Plenum) / In-Conduit-klassifisert
    • Innendørs / Utendørs / UV-klassifisert
  • ULTRAFLEX®-teknologi (i stand til 90 graders sving)
  • EASY-PULL beskyttelseshylse for sømløs installasjon (inkludert gratis)
  • 5 års garanti



Optimized to whithstand tight bends.
Higly flexible, is optimized to perform sharp curves without signal loss.

The finest fiber optic

Built to excel, we guarantee unparalleled quality where performance makes the difference: in audio, video and internet applications.


"SNAP ON" Connections

Easy installation. Simply "SNAP" on the terminations with the keystone or coupler.

Clean Install with Wall-Plates

Wall Plates optional and sold separately for professional installation.


Included EASY-PULL system with Kevlar anti-stretch

Add Various Accesories Such as Ethernet, KVM, HDMI, more...

Endless Expandability

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PureFIBER ULTRA Main Cable

Pre-Terminated Flexible Fiber Optic
Our Professional Ultra High Speed multimedia pre terminated Fiber Optic cables makes every data & multimedia installations simple anywhere, with ready-for-signals plug 'n play connections without requiring expensive converters adapters.
Where standard fiber cables does nothing, our PureFIBER cables connects Audio, Video, Data, Bus, Smart Home, Fiber Internet, USB, VR, Controls, Alarms, Telephones, and all the ultimate signals direct of via common keystones wall plates.
Braided Sleeve Ready to Pull (patented)
Pre-Terminated connectors ready to plug and use without requiring any long or difficult on-site fiber termination job.
Connectors comes protected by a plastic wrap plus an outer Nylon braided sleeve, ready for any construction site, weather-proof.
A Kevlar Strands cord attach to any Fish Tape or Old Cables to pull the PureFIBER cable through anywhere, also very crowded conduits with 90 degrees turns, without any risk to damage the fibers.
Our cable can pull through a 3/4" conduit leaving space for any extra or pre-existing cable.
Fiber Optics
One MPO Female connector with 12 OM3 Multi Mode Fiber Optics each - Total 12 Fibers
Each Fiber strand supports 100 Gigabit/s Speed
Total Cable Bandwidth is 1.2 Terabit/s
MPO connection standard is TYPE-A Straight (1to1 - 12to12), no crossing.
MPO can be connected direct or via MPO Keystones through wall plates
Cable Ratings
CL3 FT4 Fire Rated for commercial & residential applications
UV Rated can be used directly exposed to sun light outdoor, water-rain-weather resistant.
Can be buried in conduits, resist to outdoor moisture.
In-Wall Rated, Plenum, In-Conduit, In Door, Out Door.
Operating Temperature Typ. -40°C to +105°C
Outer Jacket Diameter 10 millimeters
Max Pull Diameter (at largest connectors point) 0.58 inches / 14.77 millimeters
Can Pass via wall plate
Connect the Main cable inside the wall to an MPO Fiber Keystone.
Plug the Pig Tail from outside to the wall plate.
Connect all the devices to each single fiber



PureFiber® Cable

USPTO     63042803  ;   63310889   ;  63310880
WIPO  International    WO2021262153A1  ;   PCT US2039129

Patent pending in Germany,Taiwan, China and other countries.