plug and play

from lag to ... lightspeed

zero configuration

Snap-On Extenders Over Fiber

PureFiber products simplify the installation by allowing you to pull just one cable and snap-on the HDMI fiber extender ends.
Higher in quality and technology as well as more affordable and durable.
Future-proof your building

zero lag uncompressed

There is no catch: Fibercommand extender baluns over fiber are real time . Perfect for Commercial installation, events, church sanctuary, sport-bar, school. 8k@60

zero configuration

it is plug and play , does not require configuration, does not require any tool. Snap-On patented connection.


Fibercommand has the power of 1.2 tera: DOES NOT COMPRESS THE VIDEO. It is powerful and reliable

Separating Signal from Noise

With PureFiber® you will always have a perfect signal via fiber optic, zero lag, uncompressed. Plug and play. 



Optimized to whithstand tight bends.
Higly flexible, is optimized to perform sharp curves without signal loss.

Long - term warranty

We believe in quality , we guarantee our products.

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