ULTRAVISION Fiber Optic Cable Setup Guide

Thank you for purchasing ULTRAVISION, Professional Fiber Optic HDMI 4K 8K Extender

Important please:

  • The HDMI PLUG marked SOURCE goes to your Video SOURCE HDMI OUTPUT
    (AV receiver / Apple TV / Roku / Cable Box / PS5 / any HDMI source..)

  • The HDMI PLUG marked DISPLAY goes to your TV or PROJECTOR HDMI INPUT

  • The Cable is Bi-Directional you can invert the HDMI plugs as you need

  • The USB from the DISPLAY HDMI PLUG goes to to any USB on the back of the TV or PROJECTOR to take power,
    same as firestick TV dongle.

Play This Video to Install


Why ULTRAVISION is the best HDMI for your system
Watch this quick demo video



For a proper cable installation and operation please watch the complete video here above.
If however, after watching this video you still not see any video, please follow this PDF document to troubleshoot.

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