from grainy to crisp


the best home theater quality

1) extend your video over pure fiber optic >> BEST QUALITY

2) fiber wallplate >> don't convert to copper and lose quality.

3) no need for patch cords, the purefiber kit includes everything

connect HDMI

8k 4k 120Hz HDR10+ 48Gbps uncompressed

Perfect Signal Integrity

Multi-Use Feature

The finest fiberoptic

With 1200 gogabit Purefiber DOES NOT COMPRESS THE VIDEO. It is powerful and reliable

Built to excel, we guarantee unparalleled quality where performance
makes the difference: in audiovisual and internet applications.

gold - plated - aux

Multi-use connector for Aux, Sub-woofer, Infrared Commands (IR), Smart Home Commands.

Multi-Use Feature

High-Speed DigitalCoax

Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC)
Cable TV / SDI



Optimized to whithstand tight bends.
Higly flexible, is optimized to perform sharp curves without signal loss.

installation exemple

Long - term warranty

We believe in quality , we guarantee our products.

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