speakerwallplate® - WP20  |    Subwoofer - Soundbar - Aux Wall Plate

speakerwallplate® - WP20 | Subwoofer - Soundbar - Aux Wall Plate

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Speaker Wall Plate with 20 Feet in-wall rated cable for Sub-Woofer or any speaker or Aux i/o

Key Features:


 1 Gang wall plate preinstalled with:

  •     1x TRS 3.5mm Keystone - digital Audio Rated for AES EBU / Spdif / XLR / or Stereo RCA
  •     20 Feet Audio shielded In-Wall extension cable

 Designed to extend one TRS plugs from the main Wall Plate location to the Sub-Woofer or Sound Bar location passing the included pre-terminated extension cable in wall.

6 feet long can be coiled inside the wall if too long, without any issue.

Cable is specially shielded to reject any noise for a perfect dynamic sound quality.

The same can be used for ani AUX sound to send or receive any uncompressed digital or analog audio.

sub woofer wall plate




Extends the connection of any active speaker such as Sub Woofers or Sound Bars 20 feet from the main Entertainment wall plate, passing the cable inside the wall.

This kit can handle both Analog unbalanced stereo, XLR balanced or AES EBU / SPDIF digital 192khz sound.

This kit is the perfect companion for the WP5 wall plate / Purfiber Pro fiber optic cable installation, adding the room sub woofer or sound bar AUX to the connections.

 Technical Specifitication:  

The SPEAKER WALLPLATE® WP20 is a 1-Gang wall plate pre-installed with 1 x Dugital Audio rated Gold-Plated TRS keystone, with zero insertion loss and perfect gold plated contacting for pure noiseless sound.

Wall Plate for PureFiber® PRO Cables.