FiberWallplate® - WP4  | Most Complete - Designed for  PureFiber®  PRO-24 Cable

FiberWallplate® - WP4 | Most Complete - Designed for PureFiber® PRO-24 Cable

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This wall plate is the Best Most Complete for PureFiber Pro Cables installations, includes all the splitters to breakout all possible fibers and connectivity

8K Multimedia Wall Plate for Audio/Video and Multimedia distribution -  White


Key Features:


2 Gang preinstalled with:

  •     3 x MPO Fiber Optic Keystones
  •     3 x TRS 3.5mm female jack keystones
  •     1 x Type-F Coaxial TV port
  •     1 x  PSR USBc M/F power-Sharing keystone for HDMI 2.1 8k Lasertail PRO
  •     2 x  MPO Fiber Optic Y splitters
  •     3 x Dual LC keystones
  •     1 x MPO to LC break out box
  •      1 x Blank keystones
  •     Fiber dust caps included

        Designed for PureFiber® PRO PLUS cables, compatible with any fiber optic





I gives multimedia connectivity, providing  Fiber Optic- that can be plugged into HDMI, COAX and AUDIO all at once. It easily connects with the PureFiber®  PRO PLUS cable, in one click, without requiring additional tools because the keystones are pre-installed.

PureFiber®  PRO PLUS cable is not included


Technical Specifitication:

The FIBER WALLPLATE® WP71G-2MPO-PSR-3TRS is a 2-Gang wall plate pre-installed with 3x MPO fiber optic keyUP/keyDOWN keystones, plus 2x MPO splitters (1 male to 2 female out each) plus 1x PSR power-sharing port to connect the HDMI 2.1 LASERTAIL PRO sets, plus one Type-F Coaxial TV port, plus 3x TRS 3.5mm female jack keystones, plus 1 mpo to lc breackout pigtail, plus 3x dual LC keystones to connect total 6 single LC OM3/4/5 multimode devices , compatible with FiberCommand PureFiber®  PRO PLUS Cables.

8K Multimedia Wall Plate for PureFiber®  PRO PLUS Cables