IROVF XG Fiber Optic Cable Setup Guide

Thank you for purchasing your IROVF XG, Professional Fiber Optic HDMI 4K 8K Extender 

For a perfect installation, please watch carefully all these videos to achieve the best setup and best quality in few easy steps.

How to Connect the HDMI Terminations

Important Please:
Make sure to use the HDMI plug marked SOURCE on your HDMI Source
and the HDMI plug marked DISPLAY, on your TV or PROJECTOR
In case these are inverted, please disconnect and reconnect correctly, thank you

Please Watch this video to connect the HDMI terminations

How to use the IROVF XG for All Best Features

Please Watch this video to use the XG Cable for the BEST TOP Quality

Use the 3-LINES menu on the right of the play bar to skip to the wanted topic / chapter >>


For a proper cable installation and operation please watch the complete video here above.
The video has chapter you can list and jump-to using the timeline bullets or the 3-LINES menu on the play bar.
If however, after watching this video you still not see any video, please follow this PDF document to troubleshoot.