usb 3.2 extender over single fiber optic

USB32-FIBER | Four ports USB-3.2 extender over single fiber backward compatible USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1

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USB 3.x Extender with Zero Lag over 1 SM/MM LC fiber.

USB 3 Extender For Windows Computers, Perfect for Hi-Performance Gaming / HD-4K VR / Multimedia / Video / Camera / Office / SSD Disks / Printers / Hi Speed Devices / Mouse / Keyboard / Joystick / Controllers / Anything....   

Key Features

  • Compatible to any WINDOWS COMPUTER - no drivers required.
  • Extends any Mouse / Keyboard / SSD Drive / Video Camera / OCULUS 2-3 and any other USB 1-2-3 devices up to 6 GIGABIT/S speed total, over one single LC Fiber.
  • Zero-Lag No Latency operation best for Gaming, Video Conferencing, VR, Office.
  • Works with ANY fiber optic cable with one LC plug
  • Requires ONE fiber only to operate
  • Works with MM MultiMode single LC fiber up to 1640 Feet ( 500 meters )
  • Works with SM SingleMode single LC fiber up to 9842 Feet ( 3 Kilometers )
  • Device Unit has 4x USB 3 ports provides POWER and Connectivity to 4 devices
  • Connects to any computer either on a BLUE USB3.x port or a SSD USB Port.
    Supports 6 Gigabit speed ( sfp limited ) over the 4 USB 3.2 ports
    (customer can replace the SFP modules to achieve higher speeds IF your computer USB port supports it)
  • Backward compatible to USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 devices
  • Does not require any driver. Plug 'n Play.
  • ABSOLUTE ZERO-LAG - can be used for gaming



USB32-FIBER extend up to four simultaneous WINDOWS OS controllers such as gaming controllers, keyboard, mouse, joysticks, Bluetooth dongles, printers, multimedia devices

It works over one LC fiber strand up to 9842 Ft ( 3 Kilometers ) when used with SingleMode type fiber, and with absolute zero delay, same as directly connected to the main PC or Console. and 1640 Ft ( 500 meters ) when used with MM MultiMode type fiber.

The end-point also provides enough power to turn on any kind of controllers without requiring any additional parts. 

The Controllers or USB devices will operate exactly as if directly connected to the main system.

The USB32 extends one multimedia interface at time, up to 6 Gigabit/s speed PLUS standard controllers such as Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick and Disks, Thumb Drives, Printers.

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