8K DISPLAYPORT FIBERPLUG® | Extender DISPLAY PORT Terminierungen für beliebige Glasfaserkabel

8K DISPLAYPORT FIBERPLUG® | Extender DISPLAY PORT Terminierungen für beliebige Glasfaserkabel

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Ein-Klick-Setup: 8K-DISPLAY-PORT-Abschluss für jedes Standard-Glasfaserkabel.



  • Vom Haupt-Wandkabel trennbar
  • 2K / 4K / 8K / 10K / 16K bis zu 360 Hz (max. 80 Gigabit/s)
  • bis zu 80 Gbit/s Display Port 2.1-Geschwindigkeit (abwärtskompatibel)
  • ZERO-LAG patentierte IROVF-Technologie, UNCOMPRESSED, perfektes Bild, für ein echtes Seherlebnis.
  • 5 Fuß lange Fasern, die für eine größere Reichweite an den Display-Port angeschlossen sind (keine Patchkabel zur Wandplatte erforderlich).
  • 2er-Set Display Port 2.1 Anschlüsse inklusive, Quelle und Ziel.
  • Set mit 2 Kupplungen für „Snap-on“-Verbindungen im Lieferumfang enthalten.
  • Glasfaser-Unterputzkabel sind nicht im Set enthalten.
  • Installiert sich mit zwei Klicks auf JEDEM Glasfaserkabel, problemlos, kein Werkzeug erforderlich. ( Fiber Optics Mpo Typ A
  • Abgeschlossener 6-Strang, ound auf Fibercommand IROVF PRO-, Purefiber PRO- und Ultravision PureFiber-Produkten.


unmatched performance

Zero-Lag / Zero-Loss / Zero-Compression. Display Port 2.1 compatible 16K@60Hz / 8K@120Hz / 4K@240Hz 165Hz 144Hz / 2K@360Hz - Full Quality 4:4:4 over fiber.


Several reasons:

>just pull once the fiber optic in wall
>Can be used with any pre-exhisting fiber cable already in your wall
> can be upgraded in the future: the cable stay in-wall, the termination is swapped
> if you break it you can change it. No more pulling cables.
>The pre-terminated ends, allow a quick and easy installation.
>For Sport-Bar like applications, you can connect multiple Fiberplugs to the same cable

There is no catch

Easy Setup

Just plug in and play.


"SNAP ON" Connections Works with any standard fiber optic.

Works with any standard fiber optic.

wall plates

Clean Installation

Wall Plates for professional installation. Are optional and sold separately

Large DP Monitors connection

Fiber Optic made easy

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Techinical specifications

Display Port Compatible 2.1 PureFIBER Terminations

Detachable Fiber Optic DP Termination (patented)
World-Wide Exclusive patented 16K/8K/4K/2K Removable Fiber optic termination FIBER PLUGS allow to pass the main cable anywhere then connect the Display Port, reducing the required diameter of the main fiber cable to pass in any conduit without the risk of damaging the Display Port connectors.
Removable DP connectors can be replaced at any time without the need to replace the entire cable, making the PureFIBER solution ideal for Home, residential, commercial integration, replacing slow cat6/7/8 extension solutions which also limits the DP quality to max 10 gigabit, bottleneck of the cable speed.
Both terminations require a common USB-A 5volts continuous power (50 milliampere) in order to share commands also when the Monitor/Projector/Sources are turned Off, at the time these are turned on.
Full Display Port 2.1 HD/2K/4K/8K/10K/16K
Our FIBER PLUGS fiber optic DP extenders terminations supports all DP formats up to the latest DP 2.1 16K.
Specifications includes:
- Source DP 2.1  / Display DP 2.1 Termination set
- 4.9 feet / 1.5 Meters long - each side
- Fiber Optic laser transmission for pure error-free noise-free connection of video & sound no copper cable can do.
- Full Compatibility with any legacy Display Port up to 2.1 full speed
- Full Compatibility with any legacy HDCP up to HDCP 2.3 or Higher
- backwards compatible with earlier DP versions such as DP 1.3/1.4
- supports any resolution including SD HD 3D 2K 4K 8K 10k 16K
- Supports all frames rates including 30Hz / 60Hz / 120Hz / 240Hz / 360Hz following the DP standard
- Supports DSC
- Supports RBR / HBR / HBR2 / HDB3 / UHBR 80Gbps
- Full 4:4:4 HDR Uncompressed
- Dolby Atmos, THX, TRUE-HD, object-based audio, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1, and 32-channel uncompressed audio
- Full Specs DSC, ALLM, QFT, QMS, VRR, Dynamic HDR,
MPO Connectors
- 12 fiber MALE PC type standard MPO (with pins)
- Use 6 Fibers 1 to 6 TYPE-A Straight on the main cable (not inverted)
- Compatible with MULTIMODE Fiber Optics OM3 OM4 OM5 (cannot work on single mode fiber - see our KVM or SDI product for single mode)
USB TYPE-A Power connectors
Each termination requires 5 VOLTS 100 milliampere USB power supply
Power can be taken from common power strips equipped with USB charging outlets
If power is connected from Monitor or the DP source, the USB Power might be off when the equipment is off making it impossible to operate the CEC consumer electronic controls during Monitor and Sources turn-on boot operations.
Please cosider to connect a permanent stable USB power source to both sides for the best interactive operations.
Our Display Port FiberPLUGS comes with auto stand-by so when no DP source is active the lasers turns off for zero consumption


HDMI 2.1 PureFiber® Terminations

USPTO  US20210223482A1; US20200343976A1; US 17224644; 16930729 ;63036256
WIPO  International PCT 36857
CN 2020216970117 ; 067583000003

Patent pending in Taiwan, Germany, and other countries.